Inventory for Hotels (Adaco)

Learn about Fourth's Inventory solution for the hotel industry and the integrations available.


The connections to Fourth Adaco APIs, which are described below.

Adaco is our Inventory solution for the hotel industry. It is a feature-rich product that also offers integration options for a wide set of use cases.

Customers use Adaco as a standalone Purchase to Pay & Inventory solution. While it can be used in conjunction with our Workforce Management solutions, it does not integrate with our other Purchase to Pay & Inventory solutions, as each solution provides a complete feature set for a specific market. This means that if your customer is using Adaco, you must integrate with the Adaco APIs to send and retrieve restaurant, menu, or other data. There is one exception to this: sales data goes through the POS Gateway via API / FTP.

As with all our inventory-management products, Adaco is supported by Trade Simple, our electronic trading platform. Trade Simple enables suppliers and customers to exchange predefined and structured documents in a secure manner, with a complete audit trail and guaranteed delivery. You can find out more in our integration page for suppliers.

Integration Options

Adaco Web API

The Adaco Web API is a REST API that covers a range of functionality:

Product & Catalogue — The Product resource enables you to add and update products in one or more Adaco properties. This includes creating the underlying reference data on the fly. Meanwhile, the Catalogue resource enables you to retrieve anything known about a product, aside from custom fields (used for POS systems).

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Events — Enables you to create, update and delete Events within Fourth Adaco. The type of data passed includes the number of covers, the PLUs for menu items, the date and time of the event, and the event location.

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Exchange Rate — Enables you to create and update corporate exchange rates in one or more properties within a customer's Adaco instance.

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Inventory — Enables you to manage stock levels across outlets using near real-time inventory data, and make inventory adjustments easily from other systems.

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Requisitions — Enables you to view and create requisitions between Adaco outlets.

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Sales Item API

With the Adaco Sales Item API, you can retrieve menu and retail items from Fourth Adaco to populate your POS system, allowing Fourth Adaco to act as the master data source for all sales item information. Additionally, you can use the API to get data for in-store menu screens, websites, and any other displays you have.

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POS Gateway

The POS Gateway is a single point of entry for all POS sales data into Fourth. The gateway was developed to reduce the amount of integrations required by POS businesses and to maximise the quality of data provided, so that customers can benefit from better analytics.

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Vendor API

The Vendor API allows another system, such as accounting software, to create and update vendor information in one or more properties in an Adaco instance. This ensures that third-party systems such as accounting software can act as the primary source for vendor information. For customers, this reduces manual entry, and ensures that the vendor details that Adaco uses when creating invoices is correct.

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Budget API

The Budget API enables finance systems to create or update records in Adaco Budget and Budget Detail tables. You benefit from an improved customer experience and traction, while your customer benefits from eliminating double entry of budgets in both the finance system and Adaco.

To find out more about the Budget API, please get in touch.

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