Adaco Vendor API

Automatically add or update vendors inside Fourth Adaco.


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Stay in charge

Enable your third-party system to remain the primary source of vendor details.

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The stock must flow

Ensure Adaco users can create purchase orders using relevant and up-to-date vendor details.

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Save time & stop errors

Stop employees wasting time or introducing errors through manual entry.

What is it?

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The Adaco Vendor API enables users to add and update vendor details in Adaco from third-party systems. This includes all information required by Adaco for a vendor, such as their contact, shipping, and minimum order details. Once added, users within Adaco can then create purchase orders for the vendors with the most up-to-date details.

The Vendor API is a SOAP API. There are three methods available to do the following: login, insert new vendors, and update existing vendors.

Why use it?

Correct and relevant vendor details are core to enabling hotels and events centers to purchase goods. This API allows third-party systems that often manage vendor details, such as accounting software, to act at the master source for vendor information. This avoids double-entry issues as well as ensuring that vendor details are kept up-to-date within Fourth.

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Getting Started

  1. Get in touch

    Contact Fourth and talk to one of our experienced Implementation Consultants.

  2. Develop and test

    We'll provide you with a set of credentials to access the API and a test environment against which you can develop your application.

  3. Go live!

    Transition from the test environment to live!