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Keeping employees informed and engaged in the hospitality industry is difficult, which is why Fourth brought the Fourth App to market. It enables customers to reach employees easily and without needing each employee to have a corporate email address or desktop device. For employees, the Fourth App enables them to easily access their payslips, book holidays, and get other employment information all through their mobile phones; devices that are often the most power technology they own. All of this functionality is also available logging into the Fourth platform in a web browser. 

Meanwhile, Fourth Engage (our name for the set of communication features in the Fourth platform) provides a way to connect with other team members, receive company announcements, and review and complete tasks. These features are available to users through either the Fourth App or from a web browser.


Screenshots of Fourth Engage in use

Tied into the Fourth platform is our ability to integrate partner apps and communications into the Fourth ecosystem. These Connected Apps add another big experience win for our customers and end users. Becoming a Connected App begins with creating a single sign-on (SSO) integration between Fourth and the partner. We use the industry-standard SAML 2.0 for single sign-on integrations, making the integration simple and fast. Partners can choose whether they want to use just-in-time provisioning (creating accounts as Fourth authenticates a user) or provision users in advance via an API integration.

Once integrated, the partner app is linked in the navigation making it easily accessible to users. For example, Wagestream, an existing connected partner, is shown here beside other Fourth applications in the web browser experience: 

Fourth Engage showing four app logos


There are two APIs particularly relevant to connected partners. The Tasks API allows you to add your own tasks into the Tasks menu, and is available from both the mobile and web browser. The Notifications API sends push notifications to end users’ mobile phones.

Diagram of user devices with the areas visually where push notifications and tasks appear.

One of the real benefits for partners is that you do not need to know a user's email address or phone number to assign them tasks in the Fourth App, send them a push notification, or even allow access to your app. Instead, Fourth can manage identifying and authenticating users on your behalf. This is powered by Fourth’s Identity & Access Management solution.

Integration Options

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Notifications API

The Notifications API allows you to send push notifications to Fourth end users. You can send either informational messages that the user can dismiss after reading, or messages that deep link to a specific application on the end user's phone.

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Tasks API

The Tasks API is intended for partners with a connected app in Fourth Engage, to complement and expand the user experience. It enables you to add tasks for your connected app into the Tasks tab of Engage, so that they show alongside tasks from the Fourth Platform.

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Fourth Account SCIM API

The Fourth Account SCIM API enables you to provision users in your own system as part of a single sign-on integration. It uses the System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) standard, which is designed with user provisioning in mind.

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Single Sign-On

Fourth is proud to provide single sign-on to many partners, allowing end users to access multiple web applications simply and conveniently using just the one set of credentials. You can use either just-in-time provisioning or the Fourth Account SCIM API to create users, and we will work with you to ensure you have the user data you need.

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