Human Resources

Synchronize your HR system with Fourth to create a seamless workforce management experience.

Make employee management a breeze

By connecting your HR system with Fourth’s Workforce Planning & Employee Engagement, employee data is synchronized across the platforms — creating a seamless experience for the business. Your HR system remains the master source of employee data, while Fourth takes care of employee scheduling, cost forecasting, and any additional employee management tasks not performed by the HR system. And as each new employee becomes registered through the API, they’re automatically given access to the Fourth app.

Diagram showing a human resources system linked to Fourth's employee API, and an employee connecting to Fourth Engage.

Your HR system uses our Labor Productivity API to send employee data as required. For new and existing employees this is their details, absences, assignments, and employment history. For the organization, this is any updates to job titles and locations. Staff then only need to keep the HR system up-to-date to manage this data.

However, where not all of this data is available, Fourth can maintain it instead. For example, Fourth can manage additional assignments to the level of detail that is required for accurate scheduling and labor cost forecasting.

The API is flexible, allowing your HR system to send in additional information that’s specific to a region. For example, accurate gross wage and labor cost calculations may require attributes such as jurisdiction (state/city/county), FLSA exempt, and whether an employee is tippable. You can include business-specific attributes as well, such as grade, union membership, and brand.

In addition to using our API, you can further improve the user experience by implementing Fourth Identity & Access Management. This enables single sign-on to your HR system and Fourth app using either inbound or outbound federation.


Diagram showing the interactions between HR systems, Fourth, and people; as described in the steps.

1. Create employee: The HR system sends new employee details to Fourth. This initiates employee registration with the Fourth app. Employees are immediately available for scheduling.

2. Updates: Any updates to the employee or role are sent by the HR system as they occur.

3. Create absence: The HR system sends any planned absences. Fourth connects with Time Clock software to provide forecasting, scheduling, shift swaps and to get time punches.

4. Report absence: The HR system sends any paid and unscheduled absences. Fourth uses these to calculate gross pay and labor costs, and connects to Payroll software for payroll processing.

At any point, the HR system can send through updates to job titles or locations.

Integrating with Fourth solves your customer's double-entry errors, makes schedules accurate, and reduces timesheets and payroll issues.


Labor Productivity API

Integrate your HR system with our Labor Productivity API. You'll need to use these endpoints:

  • Employees – Add or update employees
  • Employments – Add or update employment for employees
  • Assignments – Add or update assignments for employees
  • PlannedAbsences – Add or update planned absences for employees
  • PaidAbsences – Add or update paid absences for employees
  • JobTitles – Add or update job titles
  • Locations – Add or update locations

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Identity and Access Management

Our Identity & Access Management uses the industry-standard SAML2.0 for single sign-on integrations, which makes development easy and quick. We can connect using either Inbound federation — where we manage the authentication process — or Outbound federation — where your system manages the process.

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Next steps

If you have an existing mutual customer who has asked for a Fourth integration, please work with the Fourth Professional Services team member assigned to the customer and project. Your mutual customer can provide their contact details. They can advise you as to which APIs best suit your business and customer requirements.

If we do not yet have a mutual customer, please contact the Fourth Partnerships Team to find out more about partnering and on-boarding.

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