System Status Page

Fourth provides a system status page at the site:

The status page indicates whether all systems are operational or if service is affected by events such as maintenance, patching, or unplanned incidents.

Screenshot of the System Status page:

Screenshot showing a Recipe & Menu Engineering maintenance notification

From the status page you can sign up for both incident and maintenance notifications. When signing up, ensure that you find the region that the service you’re using is hosted in (APAC, EMEA, USA) before selecting the service.

Status notifications are the best way to get notified of events that may impact your own services, as the support and development teams in Fourth coordinate these notifications. It does mean you will also get notifications that only impact the User Interface; however, each Fourth service rarely has downtime or maintenance.

For help with signing up to status updates, please see the Fourth Customer Success Portal.

Note that the partnerships team at Fourth will separately endeavour to ensure that partners are notified of scheduled maintenance windows in advance.

Screenshot showing historical data view:

Screenshot with Fourth logo top left, subscribe button top right, and uptime graphs in the center of page