Workforce Management

Learn about Fourth's Workforce Management solution and the integrations available.


The Fourth API connections available, as described shortly.

Fourth's Workforce Management offering covers a gamut of activities such as shift management, labor forecasting, employee engagement, payroll, HR and more. Customers can of course choose what features they wish to subscribe to.

At the core of this offering in the UK is our UK HR & Payroll solution. This solution is intended for customers using Fourth as their employee master record and payroll system. As the name suggests, the UK HR & Payroll solution is tailored to UK labor laws and regulations.

Meanwhile, our Labor Productivity solution enables customers to schedule labor as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. It does this by employing a complex algorithm to forecast labor requirements in advance, which helps to drive sales during peak periods and removes the risk of over staffing outside key trading times.

Customers can use UK HR & Payroll in conjunction with Labor Productivity, or purchase either one as a standalone solution. For customers with both, partners can import or export data about employees using the UK Employee API.

Customers in the US integrate with our HotSchedules workforce management and scheduling solution. Integrations to this part of our platform are not currently documented on this site.

Integration Options

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UK Employee API

This API allows you to create, update and retrieve a comprehensive set of employee data in Fourth. This is particularly useful for software such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), applicant tracking, HR and payment systems.

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Labor Productivity API

This API integrates external HR and ERP systems with Fourth for employee scheduling and productivity. The data it can add or update includes employee assignments, absences, and HR details.

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Time and Attendance API

Our Time & Attendance API gives you more access and data entry into Fourth's Workforce Management solution. The API is streamlined for sending clock data, with fields for employee number, location, clock status, check in and out times and actual minutes.

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Schedules API

This API provides access to the most recently published schedules in Fourth, ensuring that customers see the most up-to-date schedules to their time clocks and POS systems.

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Business Intelligence API

This API exposes Labor Productivity data for partners so they can create reporting or Business Intelligence (BI) tools with data from Fourth. Access to this API is provided to Strategic Partners only.