Troubleshooting & FAQs


Use these links to access troubleshooting and FAQs for our APIs and integrations.

General FAQs

What is the right API or integration for sending sales transactional data?

As of May 2021: this depends on how your customer is integrated with Fourth:

  • For FnB Live, you need to use the FnB Live Sales Submission API/FTP integration.
  • For all other product and solution areas, you must use the POS Gateway.

Single Sign On

I have an SSO integration, but some pages / pop-ups aren't displaying. What is causing this?

By default, for mobile web applications, we currently use the WkWebView to launch third-party apps. This applies to both iOS and Android phones. This is a good user experience as the user doesn’t leave the app but it does introduce some restrictions. They are:

  • Pop-ups: New windows (i.e. pop ups) cannot be opened from within the WkWebView.
  • File downloads: Files cannot be downloaded in the WkWebView.
  • Adobe Captivate: Strange and weird formats that aren’t quite html 5 aren’t supported.

If your app requires these functionalities, please let the Fourth partnership team know, as we can enable your app to open in a new browser window.

Does Fourth support any bespoke or non-SAML Single Sign-On options?

No. SAML 2.0 is a industry standard with many well established implementations. As single sign on is security sensitive, integrating to a bespoke solution is not feasible.

What is the most common way SSO is provisioned with other partners?

For most partners, we usually recommend using SAML "Just In Time" (JIT) provisioning. Most of our partners don't need a lot of additional detail about each user, such as detailed information about their employment, next of kin, etc. Using JIT means requires less development for your business, and as well, it means your business doesn't get sent any personal data about end users that you don't need to run your services.

If you do need more information about end users, then you may need to integrate with an API such as the UK Employee API or Labor Productivity API.

Time & Attendance

What should I do if I don't receive a response from Fourth when submitting clock data?

If you do not receive a response, you should retry your request using a truncated backoff strategy. Please retry requests no more than once a minute. Get in contact with Fourth if you continue to not receive responses.

Time & Attendance APIs (5d and 5e): What happens if I send clock data for a non-existent employee number?

If an invalid employee number is included, then we provide an error message in the response, shown next. The record is not processed; that is, we do not create a dummy employee for this data.

<Error>Could not find employee [D004122]</Error>

All other valid records are still processed.

Time & Attendance APIs (5d and 5e): What happens if I send both clock-in and clock-out times in the same record?

If a single record contains values for both CheckIn and CheckOut, only the relevant value is processed, and the other value is ignored. For example, in this request, the ClockStatus is 1, so only the CheckIn time is processed. The CheckOut time is ignored:


FnB Live

Note: We no longer directly sell FnB Live; however we have resellers who continue to sell to and support businesses interested only in FnB Live. We have no additional feature development planned for this product.

Our business pulls menu item data from FnB Live using the API, but our customer has said they're moving to Recipe & Menu Engineering. Can we continue to use the same API?

You'll need to use the Recipe & Menu Engineering APIs. There are two APIs, one for getting data (Export) and one for posting data (Import). You can find integration details for these on the Developer Hub:

We send sales data to you using the FnB Sales Submission — can I use this integration to send sales data to other Fourth products aside from FnB Live?

Unfortunately not — for sales data to anything but FnB Live, you must use our POS Gateway. Once integrated with the POS Gateway, you will be able to send sales data to Fourth that is propagated to our other products.