Fourth Account SCIM API Release Notes


This page holds any changes that have happened to our Fourth Account SCIM API since its launch in 2020.

These Release Notes are up-to-date at the time of the release. Further improvements or corrections to our API documentation will normally occur in the guide and reference only.

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Breaking change notification

20th August 2023

As part of its ongoing commitment to the security of its customer’s information, Fourth will be updating its platform to require all connections to use TLS 1.2 or higher from 9 January 2024. Older versions of TLS will be retired.

TLS is the encryption method used to secure communications over HTTPS. This will have no impact on SFTP connections.

18 September 2020 — Launch of the Fourth Account SCIM API for partner use!

We're excited to announce the newest member of our API family — the Fourth Account SCIM API!

This API provides access to a limited range of user account data. Its main purpose is to allow you to create user accounts in your own system using the employees found in Fourth. This can be useful if you're a POS provider who needs to create users to log into the till; a rewards partner that is integrated into Fourth Engage; or any other partner that needs to create user accounts for your employees.

The API uses an existing industry standard — the System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) — which helps improve the time it takes to complete an integration. The details provided by the API includes the:

  • Fourth Account ID — our unique identifier for the employee
  • User's name details
  • Work location
  • Country and preferred language
  • Email associated with the Fourth Account (normally a user's personal email)
  • job title (dependent on the Fourth solution the customer is using)

What the API doesn’t send is important — it avoids sending the personal and sensitive information that our Workforce Management APIs otherwise provide. These APIs are intended for integrating with HR or ATS systems, rather than partners who need only basic information about employees. By sending just information useful for user provisioning, the Fourth Account SCIM API follows the GDPR principal of only sending and receiving data that is required for the business use case.

Please see the guide and reference for more details about this API.