ATS and Onboarding

Create a smooth onboarding experience with automated data transfer between Fourth and your ATS.

Solve start date troubles

After a well-managed recruitment process, start dates can cause headaches — in large part because the data gathered by the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) needs to be manually re-entered into Fourth before the new employee can begin a shift. By connecting your ATS with Fourth, you can instead build a seamless recruitment & onboarding experience through to the first day of employment. For managers, you can remove the time, cost and errors associated with manual data re-entry, while for new employees you can ensure they're set up within the business as soon as they're hired.

Possible connections between Fourth and an ATS provider, as described below.

The connection between Fourth and your ATS can consist of two capabilities. An integration with our UK Employee API ensures you can transfer complete candidate data easily to Fourth. Meanwhile, you can enhance the hiring manager's experience by implementing Fourth Identity & Access Management. This enables single sign-on to your ATS from within the Fourth app, putting hiring of new staff side-by-side with managing and scheduling existing staff.

During recruitment:

   1. Managers access your ATS system using their Fourth credentials, reducing the likelihood of user frustration over forgotten passwords. Your system creates an account only when a valid Fourth user logs in for the first time.

   2. Candidates use your ATS directly.

Once a candidate is successfully hired:

   3. Your ATS automatically transfers the new employee’s details to Fourth. Once validated, their manager can immediately schedule and manage the new employee without the time, cost and errors associated with manual data re-entry.

   4. Meanwhile, the new employee receives a welcome email and request to complete registration with the Fourth App. This gives them access to employee services and communications, allowing them to prepare for their new role rapidly.


UK Employee API

The UK Employee API enables your system to update Fourth with a comprehensive set of employee details. This makes the new employee immediately available in Fourth for workforce management activities, like scheduling or creating employee accounts.

This API has a number of endpoints available in it. For ATS and onboarding services, you'll only need to integrate with the POST /Employees endpoint.

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Identity and Access Management

Make your customer's user experience even more seamless by enabling them to access your ATS with their Fourth account. Our Identity & Access Management uses the industry-standard SAML2.0 for single sign-on integrations, which makes development easy and quick. Once integrated, you can use Fourth to check whether a user is valid and, if desired, use just-in-time provisioning to create accounts in your system.

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Next steps

If you have an existing mutual customer who has asked for a Fourth integration, please work with the Fourth Professional Services team member assigned to the customer and project. They can advise you as to which APIs best suit your business and customer requirements. Your mutual customer can provide their contact details.

If we do not yet have a mutual customer, please contact the Fourth Partnerships Team to find out more about partnering and on-boarding.

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