Notifications API Release Notes


This page holds any changes that have happened to our Notifications API since its launch in 2019.

These Release Notes are up-to-date at the time of the release. Further improvements or corrections to our API documentation will normally occur in the guide and reference only.

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Breaking change notification

20th August 2023

As part of its ongoing commitment to the security of its customer’s information, Fourth will be updating its platform to require all connections to use TLS 1.2 or higher from 9 January 2024. Older versions of TLS will be retired.

TLS is the encryption method used to secure communications over HTTPS. This will have no impact on SFTP connections.

14 May 2019 — Launch of the Notifications API for partner use!

This brand new API is available to partners who wish to engage with employees via their mobile phones!

The Notifications API allows you to send push notifications to Fourth end users. You can send either informational messages that the user can dismiss after reading, or messages that deep link to a specific application on the end user's phone. Each message is personalized to the end user through notification parameters and unique deep links. And in a single API request, you can message up to a thousand recipients.

The Notification API is available to all partners, and is particularly beneficial for partners with a connected application. It is an HTTP REST API, which makes integration easy.

Push notifications are an excellent way to keep users up-to-date, motivate them to act, and generally engage with them. Fourth's solution is designed with hospitality partners in mind, allowing you to message mobile phones without needing a user's phone number, email address, or an installed application on the phone.

Whether it’s a task that needs to be completed, holiday approvals, shift changes or a direct message, push notifications ensure that users are kept in the loop. And by providing a smooth and informed experience to employees, you minimise the number of queries that your client's managers have to deal with, which further enhances the positive user experience your clients have with your business.

Please see the Guide and Reference for more details about this API.