Time & Attendance API

Ensure your customer's clock data is seamlessly sent to Fourth for payroll, analytics, labor forecasting, and more.


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Improve accuracy

Improve your customer experience and heighten accuracy on staff wage costs.

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Be seamless

Send clock data immediately and without requiring manual re-entry.

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Enhance forecasting

Empower customers to make better business decisions by providing clock data to Fourth Analytics and labor forecasting.

What is it?

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Our Time & Attendance API gives you more access and data entry into Fourth's Workforce Management solution. The API is streamlined for sending clock data, with fields for employee number, location, clock status, check in and out times and actual minutes.

The Time & Attendance API is an HTTP REST API, making integration easy.

Why use it?

Collecting time and attendance clock events has become a hospitality industry standard. By providing your customers with this integration, you can enhance your offering and build client retention through multiple points of integration.

Once integrated, mutual customers benefit from increased accuracy in staff wage costs, as well as forecasting to drive better business results.

Please note that we do not host documentation for this API online; contact the Fourth Partnerships Team for access.


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Getting Started

  1. Get in touch

    Contact the Fourth Partnerships Team to find out more about partnering and onboarding.

  2. Develop and test

    Once you're ready to begin testing, our integration specialist will guide you through the testing process.

  3. Go live!

    Once you're live, you're ready to become a certified Fourth partner. Check in with our Partnerships Team to talk about where you are in our partnership's maturity model and how to get the most benefit out of integration.