Labor Productivity API

Integrate your HR and ERP systems with Fourth for improved employee scheduling and productivity.


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Keep synchronized

Use automated updates to make sure your HR or ERP system is the master data source for all employee data.

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Accurately plan ahead

Your HR systems can update Fourth with data about employee absences, letting you schedule employees with the most up-to-date data.

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Solve payroll issues

Ensure that the timesheets sent to payroll have the right employee details, such as work locations, roles and pay rates.

What is it?

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With the Labor Productivity API, you can update the employee and organisation data stored in Fourth with data from your other systems. For employee records, this includes both static data – like their name or address – and temporary or transactional data such as time off (planned and unplanned). Fourth can then use this data for workforce management tasks, such as scheduling and productivity analysis.

The Labor Productivity API is an HTTP REST API that can add or update:

  • Employee assignments
  • Employee absences - planned, unplanned and taken
  • Employee HR details
  • Job titles and locations across your business

Why use it?

Connecting your existing systems with Fourth means that your employee data is synchronized across your entire platform — without any manual data entry. Using this API, your HR system can advise of upcoming employee absences, while applicant tracking software can add newly onboarded employees, meaning you can schedule employees in Fourth with the most up-to-date information. And because your HR system can immediately send updates to work locations, roles and pay rates, payroll issues decline as the final timesheets provided to Payroll are aligned with current employee details.

Fourth provides a powerful and comprehensive toolset for managing your workforce. This includes the ability to schedule and manage individual employees who work in multiple roles and locations. Even if your HR system can only provide the details of an employee’s primary role, Fourth can still fully manage this task. Alternatively, your HR system can do this same workforce management using this API.

Getting Started

  1. Get in touch

    Contact Fourth and talk to one of our experienced Implementation Consultants.

  2. Develop and test

    We'll provide you with a set of credentials to access the API and a test environment against which you can develop your application.

  3. Go live!

    Transition from the test environment to live!