Broaden your product ecosystem

Fourth is the leading provider of cloud solutions in the hospitality industry.

We deliver this with the help of technology partners who work across the spectrum of business solutions, such as POS, ATS, HR, supply chain, kitchen management, and more.

Through integrations, your business, our mutual customer, and Fourth achieve more profits, more sales and more employee and guest satisfaction.

Integrate & Benefit

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Better business intelligence

With access to your customer's workforce management, purchasing, inventory, and other data, your own reports and analysis are improved. And once you become a strategic partner, you may access additional analytical data from Fourth to enrich your systems further.


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Beneficial partner program

Our Fourth partnership levels are based on a tiered maturity model. As you grow within the model, you are rewarded with a range of benefits based on your partnership level, such as mutual marketing, enriched data, and customer enquiry capture. And all partners are included in our Partner Program directory.


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Enhanced user engagement

Partners with apps can integrate with the Fourth Engage environment and, for user account management, leverage Fourth's ability to provide single sign-on to employees without corporate email. The option to add tasks inside Engage and send push notification increases that engagement further.


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Improved customer experience

Access to the data Fourth stores can further cement your business solution in the daily business of your customers. For example, it can turn a POS till into an access point for employee data, schedules, menu nutrition or allergy data, and more. And by providing data back to Fourth, your solution helps provide analytics on your customers' performance in the marketplace, reduces manual re-entry, and speeds up purchasing and workforce decisions.

The Fourth Ecosystem

Our partners connect and contribute across our platform, which is comprised of:

Fourth Solutions Wheel. For a description visit

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Demand Forecasting

Accurate demand forecasts based on a multi-layered algorithm, which takes in factors such as sales history, recent trends, public holidays, local events and weather. Receiving accurate and rich data from our POS partners is key to this solution.

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Workforce Management

A full-lifecycle solution that can manage recruitment, onboarding, HR, scheduling, and payroll for our customers. Partners who need to update or access employee information connect to our workforce management APIs.

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Purchase-to-Pay & Inventory

An integrated solution for all procurement, invoice processing, inventory and recipe control, nutritional and allergen information management, and menu publishing. Partners involved in displaying or updating this data connect to our Purchase-to-Pay & Inventory APIs.

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Hospitality-specific dashboards that provide deep insights into our customers' business. From sales figures to social-media sentiment, data is aggregated from across the Fourth platform and our integrated partners to power these dashboards.

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The Fourth Engage mobile app lets employees communicate with their employer and fellow employees; access any connected partner apps; and interact with the Fourth platform. Connected partners can send push notifications to app users and include their own tasks inside the app.

Our Partner Program

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At Fourth, we consider our partners to be a vital part of our growing technology ecosystem. We’re committed to making partnering easy, and have:

  • A tiered partnership model suitable for all businesses
  • This Developer Hub with API and SSO documentation
  • Onboarding support
  • Sandbox environments

Partnering strengthens the offering that your business and Fourth provides customers, creating an end-to-end holistic solution to businesses in hospitality.

That’s why we believe exceptional solutions are made from strong partnerships. So come join!


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