Adaco Sales Item API

Use Fourth Adaco to manage the sales items displayed at your POS outlets, reducing manual data entry and synchronizing the data across systems.


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Improve data management

Adaco acts as the master data system for all sales items, meaning less mismatches and errors between the two systems.    

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Save employee time

New sales items are added to the POS system automatically, with employees no longer required to manually enter items into the POS system.

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Solve reporting issues

All items sold from the POS system have a mapping in Fourth Adaco, which means inventory deductions and sales reporting through Fourth never requires manual adjustments.

What is it?

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With the Adaco Sales Item API, you can retrieve menu and retail items from Fourth Adaco to populate your POS system, allowing Fourth Adaco to act as the master data source for all sales item information. Additionally, you can use the API to get data for in-store menu screens, websites, and any other displays you have.

The Adaco Sales Item API is an HTTP REST API, and gets:

  • All retail items for an outlet
  • All menu items for an outlet
  • Details of an individual item in a property, identified by its PLU

The API responds with the full details for each sales item, including up to 15 customizable fields to record information specific to your system. You can filter results by date, and choose to exclude nutritional content, cost price and other attributes that your systems or displays may not need. Only items with a PLU are included in the results.

Why use it?

In large retail operations, managing and synchronizing sales items between Fourth Adaco and a POS system can become a significant manual task. This API enables you to use Fourth Adaco as your single point of data management for your sales items, stopping inefficient and error-prone data re-entry across multiple systems.

The solution works on the premise that items are always procured before they are available for sale. For example, a hotel that decides to sell a new range of t-shirts would:

  1. Add all the combinations of size, colour and style into Fourth Adaco, with a PLU for each item.
  2. At the appropriate time, assign the items to the right outlets with their pricing.
  3. Schedule their POS system to retrieve the list of retail items for each outlet regularly, such as every evening. The new t-shirts become available for sale in the POS system immediately after the system makes the API call.

Similarly, if you remove a sales item from an outlet in Fourth Adaco, then the next time the POS system makes the scheduled API call, it removes the item from sale at that outlet.

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Getting Started

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    Contact Fourth and talk to one of our experienced Implementation Consultants.

  2. Develop and test

    We'll provide you with a set of credentials to access the API and a test environment against which you can develop your application.

  3. Go live!

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