Adaco Events API

Update Fourth Adaco with the catering requirements for banqueting events.


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What is it?

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The Events solution in Fourth Adaco is used by our customers for catering planning activities, such as generating recipe sheets and production plans, and submitting purchase and outlet requisitions.

The Adaco Events API enables a third-party system, such as a Banqueting Event Order system, to create, update and delete Events within Fourth Adaco. The type of data passed in the API includes the number of covers, the PLUs for menu items, the date and time of the event, and the event location.

The Adaco Events API is a HTTP REST API, making integration easy.

Why use it?

This API is designed for large venues that use a POS or Banqueting Event Order system to manage banqueting events across multiple event areas. It improves the venue’s user experience significantly by enabling end users to manage the core event details — time & date, place, and requested menu — from the partner platform, without needing workarounds such as re-keying details into Fourth Adaco or running both platforms simultaneously during a booking.

By integrating with the Events API, you ensure your customers can manage their banqueting events efficiently, eliminate re-keying errors, and accurately plan their catering and purchasing requirements with the most up-to-date data.

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Getting Started

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