Recipe & Menu Engineering Import API

Automatically add or update your ingredient catalog in Fourth.


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Get integrated fast

Get your ingredient data into Fourth without any manual data entry.

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Provide complete ingredient details

Include comprehensive nutrition and intolerance data for use by kitchens, websites and front-of-house displays.

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Keep stock up-to-date

Make updates to your ingredient and supplier details automatic and immediate.

What is it?

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The Recipe & Menu Engineering Import API enables you to add and update ingredient and supplier details in Fourth. For each ingredient you can send a comprehensive set of data, including nutrient and intolerance data, costs, and alternative stock options.

Ingredients are cataloged by supplier, who provide their own identifiers. This makes it simpler to map data between Fourth and the supplier.

This is an HTTP REST API, which makes integration easy.

Why use it?

This API is ideal for creating and maintaining an ingredient catalog in Fourth. Customers can then easily order from an up-to-date catalog that's managed without the cost and errors associated with manual entry. The nutrition and intolerance data provided is included in recipes created in Fourth, which can then be sent to kitchen, website, and front-of-house screens. 

This API is commonly used in combination with the Recipe & Menu Engineering Export API, which allows Fourth to act as the master data system for all recipe and menu engineering information.

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Getting Started

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    Contact Fourth and talk to one of our experienced Implementation Consultants.

  2. Develop and test

    We'll provide you with a set of credentials to access the API and a test environment against which you can develop your application.

  3. Go live!

    Transition from the test environment to live!