Recipe & Menu Engineering Export API

Access the recipe, ingredient and supplier data in Fourth for use on POS, stock and other systems.


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Display accurate recipe information

Share with your kitchen, website and front-of-house systems the right recipe and ingredient information, including nutrition and intolerance data.

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Keep stock up-to-date

Ensure third-party stock systems are kept up-to-date with ingredient changes.

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Reduce manual entry

Use Fourth as the master data source to reduces errors from manual entry and saves employee time.

What is it?

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The Recipe & Menu Engineering Export API gives you access to the ingredient, recipe and supplier data in Fourth. The exchanged data is comprehensive, allowing you to retrieve information such as:

  • Nutrition and intolerance data
  • Supplied pack size and shelf life
  • Recipe preparation
  • Cost and selling price for a recipe
  • Tax, revenue, and profitability
  • Wastage
  • And much more...

This is an HTTP REST API, which makes integration easy.


Why use it?

Use this API to automatically populate a range of other hospitality and management systems with the most up-to-date recipe and menu engineering data straight from Fourth. Whether it’s a new supplier catalog, updated recipes, or stock levels for an ingredient, all of this data is available to share.

For example, you can use this API to easily add and update menus in POS systems, websites, apps, and in-store screens; saving time, and drastically reducing data entry errors, such as mismatched items, from entering your systems. Just as accessible is information like recipe steps, and intolerance and nutrition data, which kitchen and front-of-house systems can retrieve straight from Fourth to ensure diners have a high quality, safe dining experience.

Fourth can act as the master data system, when this API is used in conjunction with the Recipe & Menu Engineering Import API. The two APIs combined allow you to exchange an extensive range of data between Fourth, suppliers, hospitality systems and management software such as ERP, stock and warehouse systems.


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Getting Started

  1. Get in touch

    Contact Fourth and talk to one of our experienced Implementation Consultants.

  2. Develop and test

    We'll provide you with a set of credentials to access the API and a test environment against which you can develop your application.

  3. Go live!

    Transition from the test environment to live!