Two-way integrations

Transform your core business processes with these essential integrations.


Communication between suppliers and customers is vital, yet often full of unnecessary friction due to paper and electronic documentation being sent in a variety of formats between each business. However, there IS another way  integrate with Fourth Trade Simple to exchange predefined and structured documents in a secure manner, with a complete audit trail and guaranteed delivery.

Diagram showing the interaction between Fourth, a supplier, and a restaurant chain.

Point Of Sale (POS)

Your POS solution is at the front and center of any hospitality business, powering your customer's transactions. Integrate with Fourth to extend your offering beyond everyday transaction management into an end-to-end hospitality solution.

Diagram showing POS integration options

Human Resources

What happens when you synchronize a powerful HR system with Fourth's extensive workforce management tools? A seamless and efficient management experience.

Diagram showing the interaction between Fourth and an HR system.

Finance Systems

Integrate your finance system with Fourth, to ensure that reliable and accurate information is efficiently exchanged, reviewed as needed, posted to the finance ledger, and available for reports.

Diagram showing the interaction between Fourth, a Finance System, and employees.

ATS and Onboarding

Start dates causing headaches? Automatically update Fourth with candidate data to create a smooth onboarding process for new employees and their managers.

Diagram showing the interaction between Fourth, an ATS system, and staff.