API Catalog

Whatever the Fourth solution, we’ve got APIs that’ll connect your world to ours.


Fourth’s Platform provides functionality and integration points for data that is common to all Fourth solutions. 

The POS Gateway is designed to receive sales transaction data, which is fundamental to gaining business insights, improving labor productivity, and managing inventory in Fourth. We designed the interface to work with many different POS systems, which means it is both comprehensive yet flexible to integrate with.

The Tasks API enables partners with connected apps to add tasks — such as approving orders or completing training — into the Dashboard tab of Fourth Engage. This stimulates Fourth users to interact with your tasks and further unifies your connected app experience with Fourth Engage. Included is the ability to send push notifications; or you can send these independently using the Notifications API.  

And Fourth's ID & Access Management provides robust integration options for authentication and account management. Fourth can offer single sign-on for your application. For account creation and management, Fourth can supplement and expand your current system to effortlessly include users who wouldn't traditionally be given user accounts.

Workforce Management

Fourth's Workforce Management APIs offers the full gamut of staff management capabilities across HR, Labor Productivity and Payroll.

Where Fourth is the end-to-end Workforce Management solution — holding the master records for employee data — the APIs enable easy integration with the wider employee ecosystem; for example receiving new employee data from Applicants Tracking Systems or providing employee details to Learning Management Systems.

Where Fourth is part of a multiple-system solution; for example providing Labor Productivity to forecast and optimise labor demand and manage scheduling, then the APIs not only enable seamless integration with upstream and downstream systems but also allow Fourth to act as a hub for connecting other associated system. This ensures synchronization of employee, schedule time data with POS, Clocks, Time & Attendance and other components to create a joined up experience for managers and staff.

Fourth Inventory for Hotels

Developed for Inventory for Hotels (also known as Adaco), these APIs access all sales and non-sales items product data. Using the APIs, you can automatically update the product catalog in Fourth with data from your vendor system and populate this elsewhere. Whether you’re selling high tea or t-shirts, you can deliver detailed and timely information to a full spectrum of systems, from POS, in-store and kitchen displays, ERPs, warehousing, and reporting. 

Fourth Inventory for Restaurants

Fourth’s Inventory for Restaurants contains extensive data about recipes, ingredients and suppliers. Our Recipe & Menu Engineering APIs connects this data to other systems, offering the ability to securely and robustly access and update this information.

From providing precise recipe information to kitchen display systems, to automatically updating POS systems with new menu items, these APIs are designed for diverse use cases across the hospitality ecosystem.


Fourth Analytics is a business intelligence and analytics platform that provides holistic and contextual role-specific insights. Its ability to consume data from multiple sources and display this with interactive, graphical dashboards means it provides timely and significant value over relying on multiple silos of individual point solutions.  

As well as consuming data from all Fourth solutions, Fourth Analytics can seamlessly integrate any relevant data source. Your own transactional data is delivered using the POS Gateway, while third-party partner data comes via a data gateway powered by Keboola (a partner).